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Fenix Hotel : Seafront : Cavallino - Venice - Italy

A warm welcome and hospitality for a dream holiday

Fenix Hotel : Seafront : Cavallino - Venice - Italy

A warm welcome and hospitality for a dream holiday

Hotel Fenix : Seafront hotel with swimming pool in Cavallino (Venice) Italy

Pamper yourself, take a dip in our swimming pool

Fenix Hotel : Seafront hotel : Cavallino - Venice - Italy

Located right on the beach, surrounded by nature

Hotel Fenix : Cavallino - Venice - Italy

Marvellous Venice, just a few minutes away from our hotel

Hotel Fenix : Seafront hotel with private beach in Cavallino (Venice) Italy

Our private beach, ready to welcome you

Seafront Hotel in Cavallino, rooms with a view.

with a view

The rooms in Fenix Hotel Cavallino are functionally furnished and all have a sea view. From the balconies, it's often possible to see the Dolomites in the distance, rising up into the blue sky; on particularly clear days, it's also possible to see Venice and even catch a glimpse of Istria.

Seafront Hotel in Cavallino, a well-equipped beach.

A well-equipped

There is a stretch of private beach right in front of the Cavallino hotel, where every guest has their own private space. In this part of tree-lined beach, umbrellas, deckchairs and sun loungers are reserved exclusively for hotel guests.
Our younger guests are sure to have lots of fun, thanks also to the play facilities available on the private beach, with grown-ups also enjoying themselves and relaxing, making the most of the services near to this Cavallino hotel: kiosks and typical beach bars-restaurants, pedalos, windsurf hire and school and pirate boat excursions.

Seafront Hotel in Cavallino with swimming pool.

Children's & adult
swimming pool

There are two outdoor swimming pools: one for adults and one dedicated to our younger guests. Both swimming pools are heated, giving children and adults the chance to enjoy some family fun, even when it's not so warm outside. Fenix Hotel Cavallino's swimming pool overlooks the sea and is surrounded by maritime pine trees, providing pleasant shade over the sun loungers during the hottest hours of the day.

Cavallino seafront Hotel, Hotel close to Venice in Italy.

Hotel close to

It's possible to reach Venice by hiring a free bicycle from the Cavallino Treporti hotel, depending on the weather of course. The route follows a tree lined cycle path to Punta Sabbioni, where the strip of land ends and the sea meets with the Lagoon.
After some ten kilometres by bike, it's just a short walk to the dock where a motorboat leaves every half an hour to reach the small islands and the immortal city of Venice in only 30 minutes. Punta Sabbioni is easily reached also by bus, taxi or car: it's possible to park the car there for the entire day.

Let our simple, elegant furnishings welcome you, making you feel right at home. You can rely on our welcoming reception staff to help you plan your holiday. Take a dip in our heated swimming pool and enjoy the panoramic view over Cavallino's sea. From your balcony, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of this seafront hotel surrounded by nature.

Located on the beach in Cavallino, Hotel Fenix was built in 1963 by the Veronese family, just a stone's throw away from the Cavallino-Jesolo lighthouse. The hotel is still run by the same family today. A hotel in Cavallino, characterised by its classic simplicity, where the passing of time goes unnoticed thanks to its ongoing care and maintenance.

For those who prefer the comforts of a hotel over the many campsites in Cavallino, but don't want to give up being close to nature, Hotel Fenix is most certainly the perfect choice.
The winning quality of this 3-star superior seafront hotel in Cavallino Treporti is undoubtedly its location. With regard to seafront hotels, apart from the Hotel Fenix, there is only one other hotel that's situated directly on the beach.
The benefit of this location is immeasurable: during the day, you come down to an incredibly wide and uncontaminated beach, where you can enjoy all the freedom you need, immersing yourself in the peace and quiet of nature. In the evening, you can turn off the air-conditioning and fall asleep with the window open, listening to the gentle lapping sound of waves to rock you to sleep.

Its tranquil location makes this Cavallino hotel a particularly peaceful place, perfect for reserved clientele, but also ideal for families who can enjoy their holiday knowing that they are in a sort of protected oasis, where their children can run around freely on the beach and among the sand dunes and play happily in the sea, among the trees or in the swimming pool.
Children who, in time, become teenagers and then adults with young families of their own, passing down the tradition of holidaying in Cavallino Treporti from one generation to the next; older couples who continue to choose Fenix Hotel Cavallino to satisfy their need for peace and quiet, enjoying the pleasure of spending their days surrounded by nature.

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Fenix Hotel : Seafront : Cavallino - Venice - Italy

Relax on the private beach
listening to the sounds of the sea

Fenix Hotel : Seafront : Cavallino - Venice - Italy

Relax on your balcony and
let your thoughts fly away

Fenix Hotel : Seafront : Cavallino - Venice - Italy

Discover the area of Cavallino:
sea, green spaces and the lagoon

Fenix Hotel : Seafront hotel in Cavallino (Venice) Italy

Savour the pleasure of eating
breakfast or lunch outdoors

Fenix Hotel : Seafront hotel for families in Cavallino (Venice) Italy

Sit back and enjoy
your family holiday